Chicot County, Arkansas

County Collector


Circuit Clerk

Responsibilities of the Circuit Clerk's office

The Chicot County Circuit Clerk’s Office consists of

  • Criminal, Juvenile, Civil and Domestic Courts
  • Child Support, Accounting, Archives

The ex-officio County Recorder’s Office consists of

  • Official recording of the Chicot County land record
  • Liens, Plats, Bonds as well as the swearing in and
  • Recording of all Notaries of the Public
  • Accepting Agency for Passport Services

Court Filing Fees

For initiating a cause of action in the circuit court
(Civil, domestic, out of state judgment and all appeals)
Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-403(b)(1)
For reopening a cause of action in the circuit court $50.00
Out-of-state subpoena $4.50
(plus 60¢ for each supporting document)
For filing an appointment to serve as a Civil Process Server $140.00
For renewal of a Civil Process Server $50.00
Circuit Clerk issuing subpoenas for civil and domestic cases.
When counsel requests clerk to prepare and issue subpoenas for court cases.
Writs of Garnishment and Execution $20.00
For any cause of action which by court order is transferred from any district or circuit court to a circuit court. $50.00
Certification of a Court Document $5.00
Authentication of a Court Document or Court Record $5.00
A Writ for a dormant judgment against a person to be revived.
($5.00 for each additional page)

Recorder's Filing Fees

Mortgage assignments, Mortgage Releases, and other instruments
Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-403(a)(1)(B). Act 615 of the Regular Session, 2007.

If a single document lists multiple instruments:

A fee of $15.00 per additional instrument listed, not to exceed $300.00

Mortgagee’s or Trustee’s Notice of Default and Intention to Sell
Ark. Code Ann. §18-50-104.

Plus recording fee of $15.00 for the first page (1) side only and $5.00 for each additional page.
Waiver of requirements of Ark. Code Ann. 14-15-402(b)(1) for good cause (at Recorder's discretion)
Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-403(a)(2). Act 615 of the Regular Session, 2007.
Writs of Garnishment & Execution
Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-403(a)(1)(A). Act 615 of the Regular Session, 2007.
Amended Lis Pendens, Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Federal Tax Liens, Foreign Judgments (within the State of Arkansas), Lis-Pendens, Materialmen’s and Mechanic’s Liens, Medical Liens, Mortgages, Notary Bonds, Plats, Powers Of Attorney, Release Deeds, Surveys, and any Recordable instruments except as otherwise described in this section. (See below for additional details)

Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-403(a)(1)(A). Act 615 of the Regular Session, 2007.
$5.00 for every page subsequent to the first
Note: a two-sided instrument counts as two pages.
State Tax Liens $8.00
Financing Statement / UCC Filings  
Financing Statements (filed before July 28, 1995) and are now needing to be released with a Termination Statement  
Pursuant to Act 942 of 2009, the filing of all agricultural liens and farm-related security interest filings will be made in the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office.  
Certificate of Assessment or any other instrument not specified $8.00
Certification of a UCC $6.00
Copy of a document $0.25
Certificate of Notary $5.00
Copies of full-size plats $3.00
DD2-14 forms No Charge
Bond in Contest $15.00
$5 for each addtional page

If you are behind in child support payments, you may not be able to get a passport. See Child Support.

For assistance for special circumstances, visit the Recorder's Office or call 479-271-1017.

Additional information may be found at the U.S. Department of State web site
Application Fee (payable to U.S. Department of State)

  • Book, Adult (16 and over): $110
  • Book, Children (age 15 and under): $80
  • Card, Adult (16 and over): $30
  • Card, Children (age 15 and under): $15

Execution Fee (payable to Chicot County Circuit Clerk's Office) $25

Recommended Overnight Return Delivery Service (USPS Express Mail® service): $12.72

The Overnight Return Delivery Service fee is an optional fee charged when customers request to have their newly issued U.S. Passport book shipped to them using Overnight Return Delivery Service. Please note that Overnight Return Delivery Service is not available for the U.S. Passport Card. Customers applying for the passport book and the passport card will only receive the passport book by Overnight Return Delivery Service. Passport cards will be mailed to the applicants using first class mail service.

      1. Sending your passport application
      2. Returning your passport to you

Neither overnight return delivery service nor Priority Mail service will be available for the passport card. Passport cards will be mailed to applicants using First Class Mail service.

Expedite Fee, All (payable to U.S. Department of State)*           $60.00

Accepted Forms of Payment

Payment Type Chicot County Department of State
Cash X  
Personal Check X X
Business Check X X
Cashier's Check X X
Traveler's Check   X
Treasurey Check   X
Debit Card    
Postal Money Order X X
Non-Postal Money Order X X
Canadian Postal Money Order    
Foreign Money Order    
Credit Card    
Postal Payment Card    



The Deadline to Assess

January 1 thur May 31 of each year to avoid a 10% late penalty.


Homeowner Principle Place of Residence

Receive up to $350 off of your Tax statement by applying for the Homestead Exemption.


Over 65 or Disabled?

Apply to have your value frozen on your principle of residence, you will have to bring proof of documents stating so.


The following is a list required by Law to purchase Vehicle License in  the State of Arkansas

Assessment Sheet from the Assessor

Tax Receipt from the Collector

Current Mileage of the vehicle to be licensed

Proof of Liability Insurance

Renewal Notice from State Revenue Office



Assessment Coornidation Department


Online Real Estate Records


 International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO)


Commissioner of State Lands




Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I calculate my tax bill?
The market value of all of your taxable property (as established by the county assessor) is multiplied by 20 % (the assessment level applied in Arkansas). Multiply this assessed value times the millage rate established for your jurisdiction.

How are millage rates established?
School millage is set by election each September. The governing bodies establish county general, county road and city general millage in November. Other millage such as library and firemen's pension millage are established by election, levied in November of each year and will carry forward as long as the purpose exists.

Why did my property tax increase this year?
One of two things can lead to a tax increase; your property value increased or the millage rate levied in your jurisdiction was increased.

What are the requirements for a taxpayer to receive a $350.00 homestead tax credit on his/her property taxes?
The property has to be the principal place of residence for the tax payer. He must be either an owner, purchaser under a recorded contract to purchase, holder of a recorded life estate, or a person that has formed a revocable trust that owns the property. Residing in a nursing home does not disqualify a person from the benefits of this provision.

What gives the assessor the authority to come on to someone's property?
Arkansas law makes it the assessor's responsibility to physically inspect property to determine what that is there gives it value. A. C. A. 26-26-910(b) (1)

When is the deadline for assessing personal property?
The deadline for assessing all types of personal property is May 31. Assessments filed after this date will include a 10% penalty.

County Clerk

County Clerk

The County Clerk maintains all of the Records for County Court, and record all orders signed by the County Judge. (This includes annexations, road vacancies, election results, candidate reports, etc,)

The County Clerk is also the secretary to the Quorum Court, the Equalization Board, and Intergovernmental Council .

Probate Clerk

As Probate Clerk maintains the following records:

  • Decedent Estates – Testate & Intestate
  • Small Estates
  • Guardianships
  • Civil Commitments
  • Adoptions – (Sealed & Confidential)

DBA Certificates

The “Doing Business Under an Assumed Name Certificate” is issued for Sole Proprietorships only. A.C.A. 4-70-203 requires all persons conducting or transacting business under any name other than the real name of the individual conducting business shall file a certificate in the office of the County Clerk of the counties in which the person conducts or transacts or intends to conduct the business. All certificates for Corporations, LLC, etc… are issued by the Secretary of State. These certificates are then filed with the County Clerk.

If you are doing business in the city limits, you should also check with the city in which you are doing business, for their requirements.

Marriage License

Marriage Licenses are issued by the County Clerk's office. (please see marriage license requirements) We also have marriage records from the early 1800’s to present.

Voter Registration

The County Clerk is the permanent registrar for the County.


The County Clerk is responsible for all Accounts Payable, Payroll and Bookkeeping for the County.

Birth Records & Death Records

All Birth Certificates and Death Certificates are maintained by the State of Arkansas. You may order a copy of a birth certificate or death certificate at VitalChek or call the Arkansas Department of Health at 1-800-637-9314.

Lifetime Hunting & Fishing License

Arkansas Residents that have reached the age of 65 or older may apply to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission for a Lifetime Hunting & Fishing License. Applications for Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Licenses may be picked up in the County Clerk's office. If you have questions regarding this license you may contact the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission at 1-800-364-4263.


The County Treasurer is the disbursement officer of the county. The Treasurer is responsible for the custody and disbursement of all county funds. All fees, fines, penalties, and other moneys collected by any county officer, deputy, or county employee shall be deposited with the County Treasurer.

The County Treasurer shall keep a complete and accurate record of the receipt of such moneys and shall provide a written receipt to the person or office making such deposit. The Treasurer receives county tax collections, county turnback funds, federal matching funds, fines and fees from other county officials and departments,  and revenues from various other sources. The Treasurer, after receiving this revenue, distributes the money to the various taxing units of the county,  such as county funds, cities, schools, improvement districts, and fire departments.

The Treasurer keeps account of all expenditures, receipts, and balances for each county department. The Treasurer must keep an accurate account of all cash balances and detailed account of all receipts and disbursements of the county.

The Treasurer is required to make a monthly financial report to the Quorum Court on the fiscal condition of the county.

The Chicot County Treasurer accepts payments for county solid waste service, billed on a quarterly basis.  The Chicot County solid waste fees are $82.19 per quarter, or $295.88 per year if paid by March 31.

Online and credit card payments will be accepted in the near future.