Chicot County, Arkansas

County Clerk

County Clerk

The County Clerk maintains all of the Records for County Court, and record all orders signed by the County Judge. (This includes annexations, road vacancies, election results, candidate reports, etc,)

The County Clerk is also the secretary to the Quorum Court, the Equalization Board, and Intergovernmental Council .

Probate Clerk

As Probate Clerk maintains the following records:

  • Decedent Estates – Testate & Intestate
  • Small Estates
  • Guardianships
  • Civil Commitments
  • Adoptions – (Sealed & Confidential)

DBA Certificates

The “Doing Business Under an Assumed Name Certificate” is issued for Sole Proprietorships only. A.C.A. 4-70-203 requires all persons conducting or transacting business under any name other than the real name of the individual conducting business shall file a certificate in the office of the County Clerk of the counties in which the person conducts or transacts or intends to conduct the business. All certificates for Corporations, LLC, etc… are issued by the Secretary of State. These certificates are then filed with the County Clerk.

If you are doing business in the city limits, you should also check with the city in which you are doing business, for their requirements.

Marriage License

Marriage Licenses are issued by the County Clerk's office. (please see marriage license requirements) We also have marriage records from the early 1800’s to present.

Voter Registration

The County Clerk is the permanent registrar for the County.


The County Clerk is responsible for all Accounts Payable, Payroll and Bookkeeping for the County.

Birth Records & Death Records

All Birth Certificates and Death Certificates are maintained by the State of Arkansas. You may order a copy of a birth certificate or death certificate at VitalChek or call the Arkansas Department of Health at 1-800-637-9314.

Lifetime Hunting & Fishing License

Arkansas Residents that have reached the age of 65 or older may apply to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission for a Lifetime Hunting & Fishing License. Applications for Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Licenses may be picked up in the County Clerk's office. If you have questions regarding this license you may contact the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission at 1-800-364-4263.